Good news in the South! As of June, 1, 2022, online registration for medical marijuana has begun for patients, services, and facilities in Mississippi. The news comes after The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act was signed on February 2, 2022.

Here are the takeaways:

MMJ patients in Mississippi

In Mississippi, medical marijuana registration will be online. The application is available for patients and caregivers for the use of medical cannabis by a medical professional. greenpass will be serving patients in Mississippi very soon, sign up here for updates!

Legislation is changing every day. Find out more about marijuana laws around the country on the greenpass blog.

Colored map showing where marijuana is legal in the United States.

Qualifying conditions

The following medical conditions or their treatment qualify for participation in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program:

Also qualifying is a chronic terminal or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following:

Other licenses

In addition to patient applications, Mississippi is offering registration to facilities for cannabis cultivation, processing and testing, to medical professionals to certify patients for medical cannabis use, and to services for cannabis transportation and waste disposal.

To apply for a dispensary license, companies will have to go through both the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR) and the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH). The two departments have created an electronic application process that will open no later than July 2022. After applying online, MDOR will issue licenses within 30 days of application.

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