Spotlight: Women in Cannabis

women in cannabis

The cannabis and hemp industries are rapidly evolving markets with immense potential. As more businesses enter the space, it’s important to highlight the leaders making waves in these industries.  This blog post will introduce you to some of the most influential women working within the cannabis and hemp industries today. We’ll discuss their backgrounds, how […]

Can You Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Anxiety in Ohio?

medical marijuana card ohio anxiety

The prevalence of anxiety has surged in recent years, both across the United States and in Ohio. As people seek safe and effective treatments with minimal side effects, questions arise about the possibility of using medical marijuana to manage anxiety. While anxiety may not be a recognized qualifying condition to receive a medical card in […]

Can THC Help with Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and depression are commonplace in today’s society. With the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead, it’s difficult to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed. People with anxiety and depression are often prescribed medication such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills to manage their symptoms. However, there’s a lesser known alternative that is now making the rounds in […]

How Cannabis Can Help Alleviate PTSD Symptoms

ptsd symptoms cannabis

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that develops in individuals who experience or witness traumatizing events, such as military combat, physical or sexual abuse, accidents, or natural disasters. PTSD can manifest itself in different ways, including flashbacks, nightmares and avoidance behaviors. It can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide. […]

CBD and THC: Your Menstrual Pain Relief Dream Team

cannabis relief for female menstrual cramps

When it comes to menstrual pain and cramps, most of us would do just about anything to make them go away. Enter THC and CBD. Research has found that THC has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. How does THC help menstrual cramp pain?  THC is another compound found in the cannabis plant that produces psychoactive effects when […]

Here’s How Cannabis Can Help You Cope with Stress

using cannabis for stress

Wonder if cannabis can help with holiday stress? Let’s take a look at which terpenes are best for taking the pressure off. The holidays are here and with them comes a seemingly never-ending list of things to do! From holiday shopping and family gatherings to wrapping gifts and meal planning, there’s no denying that this […]

What is Delta-8: Is it safe and legal?

image of delta-8 tincture thc cbd hand dropper

You may be seeing Delta-8 products at corner stores, groceries, and upscale boutiques. Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10 are all THC compounds and are commonly found in products like gummies and edibles. In this article, we will focus on Delta-8 THC. What really is Delta-8 THC, how is it made, and is it safe? What is […]

Helping chronic pain with cannabis

Chronic pain and sports

Researchers are exploring cannabis as a salve for chronic pain. The use of cannabis as medicine (CaM) both prescribed and non-prescribed has increased markedly in the last decade, mirrored in a global shift in cannabis policy. Cannabis and harm reduction Proponents argue that medical cannabis constitutes an important harm reduction strategy and may function as […]

Are Cannabis-infused drinks the future of the beverage industry?

THC drinks alternative cocktail

From Dry January to legal weed, the beverage market is being forced to adapt with new cannabis-infused beverages. According to data from Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset, sales of cannabis-infused beverages increased 40.3% in 2020 versus 2019 across recreational markets in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon (medical and adult use) and Washington state. Why are more […]

Can cannabis help depression and alcohol dependency?

cannabis assisted psychotherapy

Researchers have paired psilocybin with psychotherapy to treat addiction and depression. Could cannabis assisted psychotherapy offer the same therapeutic benefits? The Journal of Psychopharmacology recently published a study called “Cannabis-induced oceanic boundlessness” which found that large doses of cannabis are “comparable to those identified in trials of psilocybin that precede relief from cancer-related distress, treatment-resistant […]