As Ohio’s medical marijuana expands, is weed legal? Marijuana has become widely accepted in many states across the US, with 36 states and the District of Columbia legalizing marijuana for medical purposes and 15 states for recreational use. However, the laws regarding marijuana vary from state to state, and one needs to be aware of the legalities surrounding it before consuming it or possessing it. Let’s get into the policies in Ohio.

ohio cannabis laws

No, recreational or adult-use marijuana is not legal in Ohio. Possession of marijuana for recreational use is considered a misdemeanor offense.

The state’s “decriminalization” law, which was passed in 2016, enables those with possession of 100 grams or less of marijuana to avoid jail time and the record on their record, but they may be fined up to $150.

Is Medical Marijuana Currently Legal in Ohio?

Yes, medical marijuana is currently legal in Ohio. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) was enacted in 2016, and the state’s medical marijuana program officially launched in 2018. Patients with qualifying medical conditions can obtain a recommendation from their doctor and register with the state’s program to access medical marijuana products. To learn more about getting a medical marijuana card in Ohio, visit the greenpass website.

Medical Cannabis Purchase and Possession Limits in Ohio

Patients in Ohio can only possess 90 days’ worth of cannabis, which equates to a maximum of 8 ounces of dried marijuana flower and its equivalent in edibles, tinctures, and other cannabis products. Patients are allowed to purchase listed products from state-licensed dispensaries, but they are prohibited from growing or cultivating cannabis at home.

Qualifying Medical Conditions in Ohio

Ohio’s medical marijuana program recognizes approximately 22 qualifying medical conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, and more. Patients must obtain written certification from their doctor that their condition could benefit from medical marijuana.

ohio mmj card

Is Delta-8 THC Legal in Ohio?

The legal status of delta-8 THC, a variant of THC with unique psychoactive properties, is hazy. Ohio law only permits THC derived from hemp with a delta-9 concentration of less than 0.3%, which means that delta-8 THC derived from hemp is technically legal in Ohio. However, the state has yet to issue clear guidelines on delta-8 THC’s legality, and it’s unclear if state law enforcement officials consider it legal.

Is Growing Weed Legal in Ohio?

No, growing or cultivating marijuana is not legal in Ohio, even for medical purposes. Home cultivation of marijuana is explicitly banned by state law, and those who do so may face penalties.


Ohio’s marijuana laws are complex, and those who are considering consuming or possessing marijuana should be aware of the state’s regulations. While medical marijuana is legal, recreational use remains a misdemeanor offense, and home cultivation of marijuana is expressly prohibited. There is also a lack of clarity surrounding the legality of delta-8 THC, a popular form of THC among marijuana users. As with any controlled substance, it’s critical to stay informed about the state’s laws and regulations before using it.

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